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Van Suetendael Collection


Correspondence, engineering drawings, financial statements, and various documents related to Achille Octave Van Suetendael and his brother Arthur J. Van Suetendael. The Van Suetendaels were born in Brussels and immigrated to Yonkers with their family. In Yonkers, they worked as architects, stockbrokers, and landlords for several properties in Yonkers and Westchester County.
In this collection, there is much correspondence between businesses that they ran, including the Philipsburgh Construction Company, and other companies.


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Items in the Van Suetendael Collection Collection

Arthur J. Van Suetendael Financial Report
The report contains the balance of Arthur J. Van Suetendael's rent accounts in 1916.

Receipt for Milk Order
The milk was delivered by the Borden Condensed Milk Company to the Van Suetendaels on March 31, 1914.

Letter to the New York Central Freight Agent from the Vermont Marble Company
This letter is in regards to a shipment of marble to the Philipsburgh Constricton CO., a company owned by Arthur J. Van Suetemdael and Achille Octave Van Suetendael.

Letter to Covel and Osborn CO. from Arthur J. Van Suetendael (AJVS)
This letter is in regards to a bill given to Arthur J. Van Suetendael.

Ralph B. Carter Company-Philipsburgh Construction CO.
Correspondence regarding pump and engine work.
8/14/1916; 10/30/1916

Ingersoll-Rand Company-Phillipsburgh Construction CO.
Correspondence regrading missing shipment that was supposed to be delivered to the Philipsburgh Construction Co.

Income Tax Form for W.H. Odell CO. INC
Arthur J. Van Suetendael was president of W.H. Odell Co., INC.
The form is dated 12/31/1916.

Letter from the Federal Bond Bureau to Philipsburgh Construction CO.
This letter is in regards to Federal bids for various projects.
The letter is dated November 22, 1917.

State of NY Comission of Highways to Philipsburgh Construction CO.
This is in regards to the Philipsburgh Construction CO. winning a bid for a NY State government project.

 Correspondence Beaver Dam Marble CO.-Philipsburgh Construction CO.
The correspondence is in regard to the Philipsburg Construction CO. attempting to get a drilling job from the Beaver Dam Marble CO.
11/25/1916; 11/26/1916; 12/5/1916; 12/6/1916