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The Homeopathic Hospital was built in 1907. Its name was changed to the Yonkers General Hospital in 1928.
The Yonkers General Hospital merged with St. John's Hospital in 2001 and has became know as Parkcare Pavilion.


Yonkers High School was located on South Broadway. It was torn down in 1951.

Construction of Yonkers City Hall began in 1907. It became fully operational in 1912.

The Hollywood Inn was in built in 1897. It was established as a club for workingmen. The club became in debt and the Holiday Inn was torn down in 1931.


The New York Central and Hudson River Railroad built this train station in 1911.

The first cornerstone of this library was laid on June 20, 1903. It opened to the public on July 8, 1904. The library closed on May 2, 1981.

_Yonkers Government Aid Programs- An Investigation of Their Effects on Mothers of Color - 6_7_21, 12.04 PM.mp3
Athena Dent and Carol Robinson discuss discrimination in government aid programs for women of color. They advocate for reforms that will assist them with various needs.

Karl Bertrand, president of PD&D, talks about helping the homeless in Yonkers. Rose Aviles describes organizing projects between YPL and organizations in Yonkers.
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