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j. gayle gaymon.mp3
J. Gayle describes working in the Navy as a hospital corpsman during the Vietnam War and her service to female veterans in recent years.

robert abate segment 5.mp3
Robert talks about helping World War Two veterans get their high school diplomas and building a relationship with a veteran who rescued Senator Bob Dole.

robert abate segment 4.mp3
Robert describes the relationship between a World War Two veteran and his son.

robert abate segment 3.mp3
Robert recalls stories of World War Two Veterans that he interviewed and the relationships that he forged with them.

mark edmiston.mp3
Mark describes growing up in Yonkers as the son of a politician, participating in community events, and working in the magazine business.

Masha tuchinsky part 2.mp3
Masha describes moving back to Yonkers after living in NYC. She talks about the pride that she has for the Yonkers and its remarkable diversity.

Masha Turchinsky.mp3
Masha describes overcoming gender issues during her career and the importance of technology to her job as Director of the Hudson River Museum.

carole gouaux.mp3
Carole describes living in Yonkers when there still was trolleys, her gas light home and teaching in Yonkers.

Nancy Klein.mp3
Nancy recalls stories from when she was growing up in Yonkers and describes how it has changed since then.

Richard Halvey.mp3
Richard describes growing up in Yonkers and working for mayor John Spencer.
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