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James describes becoming a paratrooper and meeting French president Charles de Gaulle. He then talks about his service during the Vietnam War and his effort to get Thomas Minogue, a soldier killed during the Vietnam War, the Medal of Honor.

This pamphlet contains various statistics of the USS Essex while it was in service during World War Two.

This was given to Joseph La Rocco for his service aboard the USS Essex.

Calculations regrading catalytic seconds and calendar reform.


This page contains Andy's latest calculations in regards to calendar reform.


Henry B. Fried, president of the New York City Horological Society and the New York State Watchmakers Association, replied to Andy with this letter in regards to his research on calendar reform.


This letter is in regards to publishing Andy's research on calendar reform.


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Andrea Molina, the director of the Family Services of Westchester's Vet2Vet program, details her reaction to 9/11, serving in the Iraq War as a Marine and adjusting to civilian life. Issues of race and gender are also described by her.

Chick Galella enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1940 and was assigned to the 53rd Signal Corps. He was at Hickham Air Force Base in Pearl Harbor when it was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941.

James Blakely was abroad the USS St. Louis at the time of the attack at Pearl Harbor.
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