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Ridge Hill Product of Corruption or Capitalism.mp3
This podcast episode was recorded by John Sheridan. John discusses allegations of corruption with Chuck Lesnick in the building of the Ridge Hill Shopping Center. He interviews his mother, Carrie Parkey, about working conditions at the shopping…

Gentrification The Next Generation.L.mp3
This podcast episode was created by Camryn Sanchez.

It is about the Yonkers desegregation case and inequality in Southwest Yonkers.

Michael Sussman, a former NAACP lawyer, is interviewed and provides background to the desegregation case and…

The Kent Cleaner Company Company sent a letter and advertisements to Arthur J. Van Suetendale about their latest products.
The letter is dated September 28, 1921.

Arthur J. Van Suetendael notified the City of Yonkers about checks for property taxes he sent to them and requested receipts for the payments.

The letter was written August 16, 1917.

Arthur J. Van Suetendael informed Mr. Carene that the rent for his apartment was being raised.

The letter was written September 22, 1917.

This letter is in regards to June Lowth being behind on her payments to the Van Suetendale brothers for property they own. They are threatening to foreclose on her mortgage.
The letter was written on September 4, 1917.
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