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Ray Wilcox, executive director of Yonkers Arts, describes working in an corporate environment and racism that he witnessed. He talks about Yonkers Arts projects, including the Black Lives Matter mural and the I Am a Hero program.


Theresa Murphy talks about growing up in the Bronx and being involved with Civil Rights movements.

Theresa talks about sexism women experienced in the work place. She describes the Bronx Slave Market and how women worked for little pay.

Vinnie talks about African American art work and public art projects she has created, such as the Ella Fitzgerald sculpture and Victory Behind Sims.

Katori as a child with her mother Ivery.

Grandma Joyce Marie Watkins Jones.jpg
Joyce is Dennis Richmond's grandmother.
She was born in 1937.

Grandma Adele.jpg
This a photograph of Dennis Richmond's great grandmother Adele Matilda Merritt. She was born in 1913.

Grandma Coles.jpg
This a photograph of Dennis Richmond's great -great grandmother Mary Susan Robinson Coles. She lived from 1865-1957.

Grandma Mary Roselle Glover.jpg
Mary is Dennis Richmond's great grandma.
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