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YPL Podcast Episode 1 - The Carnegie Library 3 (1).mp3
This podcast series is about the history of the Carnegie Library and the lunettes that decorated its interior.

Three men in the foreground from left to right:
1. James H. Walder, President of the Park Board
2. Nicholas Mangini, sub-contractor
3. James J. Lynch, contractor

This photograph was taken in 1903.

This photograph was taken in 1903.

The first cornerstone of this library was laid on June 20, 1903. It opened to the public on July 8, 1904. The library closed on May 2, 1981.

This photograph was taken in the late 1940s.

Behind the desk from left to right: Helen E. Hayes; Helen Fitzharris; Catherine Stewart; Rhoda Breithast; Eleanor Upton
(facing Rhoda)

This photograph was taken in the 1940s.

This program was held in 1940.

Boys Scouts from Troop 2 are at the library for the opening of a Boys Scouts of America merit badge pamphlet collection.

The one millionth book was borrowed at 3:07 PM on December 19, 1961.
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