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Andrew Carnegie donated $50,000 that paid for the the Yonkers Carnegie Library.

The event was held in 1947.

Anthony J. Cerrato was a Yonkers Library trustee. He was a strong library advocate and was a member of Governor Dewey’s Library Aid Committee. On top of that, he was chairman of the Westchester Library System and president of the New York Library…

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This form was submitted to the Department of Public Safety in Yonkers on February 14, 1914.
The building that had alterations done to it was located 67 Warburton Avenue.
Arthur J. Suetendael is listed as the architect supervising the construction.

The appointment went into effect on January 19, 1929.

Achille Octave was promoted to sergeant on February 27, 1915. He served with the 1st Calvary of the NY National Guard.

A close up image of Manor Hall is in the foreground.
The Academy Mount St. Vincent can be seen on the right.
The postcard is dated October 8, 1912.


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