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The Library Public Relations Council awarded the Yonkers Public Library a certificate of merit for the design of its 1989 annual brochure.

This letter informed Schlomberg that his inquiry about a national charter for the U.S.V.L.S.C. was being looked into.
The letter was written on April 21, 1922.

This photograph was taken in 1936.

This bill was presented to the 75th Congress of the House of Representatives on April 28, 1937.

2019.008.078 (front).jpg
In this document, the history of the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps is described as well as its purpose and organizational structure.

The Yonkers city council wrote a resolution for James J. MacIntyre, a member of the U.S.V.L.S.C., for saving someone who fell into the Hudson River and rescuing two other people.
The resolution was written on August 6, 1969.

This a photograph of patrol man Thomas Beairsto in Getty Square close St. John's Church in the year 1900.

This photograph was taken by Melvin Goldstein. For information about the Malinta Tunnel, please visit this website:

Ida Heuer, senior library clerk (left) and Irene Rogers , head of the reference department (right) are setting up posters in a store rented to the Yonkers Public Library during National Library Week.

Left to right: Trustee Matthew A. Walker; Jacqueline E. Miller, Library Director; Marie E. Minervini, President of the Library Board of Trustees; Gerald E. Loehr, Mayor; Eugene J. Fox, City Manager; Trustee Toby N. Patterson; Trustee Andrew C.…
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