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Michael R. Virgintino talks about writing the book Freedomland U.S..A.: The Definitive History and the history of the amusement park.

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Michael R. Virgintino, the author of Freedomland U.S.A.:  The Definitive History,  talks about the real reason why Freedom U.S.A. closed and how some of ts rides where sold to other amusement parks.

The actor for Billy the Kid (left) was Billy Collins. Digger O'Toole (right)was played by John Fortna. These character actors performed at a part of Freedomland that reassembled the American West.

These actors are depicting a gunfight in the American West in The Great Plains part of Freedomland.

Visitors observed depictions of the American Northwest on this boat ride.

While riding in this stagecoach, visitors observed depictions of the American West.

This guide was created in 1960.

Staged train robberies occasionally occurred on it in the Wild West part of the park.

This "spacecraft" was sponsored by Braniff International Airways. This ride was in Satellite City, a futuristic part of the park.

This farm was sponsored by Borden's Diary, which was in The Great Plains part of the park.
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