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Construction of the Grinton I. Will Library


Images captured of the library under construction.

Yonkers Public Library Bookmobile


Photographs and oral history interviews relating to the Yonkers Public Library bookmobile.

Contributors: Blanche Costanza
Diane McCrink

Grinton I. Will Library Groundbreaking Ceremony


Photos depicting the Groundbreaking Ceremony.

These photographs were taken in December of 1959.

Yonkers Police Historical Society


Historic photographs of Yonkers and the Yonkers police force. All photographs were provided by the Yonkers Police Historical Society.

Contributors: Yonkers Police Museum

Grinton I. Will Library


Materials relating to the Grinton I. Will Library.

Contributors: Joan Cela

Yonkers Remembers

alex strohmayer and standford bernstein.jpg

Photographs, documents, oral history interviews, and awards preserving the legacy of veterans.

Contributors: City of Yonkers Department of Veterans Services,

United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps (U.S.V.L.S.C.)

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Photographs of Yonkers branch members of U.S.V.L.S.C. members aboard their boats, at their station, training, and attending awards ceremonies.…

Contributors: United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps

Carnegie Library


Photographs relating to the Carnegie Library.

Yonkers Public Library Founders


Photographs and letters relating to the founders of the Yonkers Public Library.

Contributors: Hilda J. Berkowitz



Photographs and materials that relate to all branches of the Yonkers Public Library.

Contributors: Eugene Howell