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This letter is a call to action for the U.S.V.L.S.C. to become better organized and make more rescue calls.
The letter is dated December 21, 1959.

This letter informed members of the U.S.V.LS.C. that they could no longer answer calls for help due to their obsolete equipment.
The letter was written on August 26, 1967.

This letter informed Schlomberg that his inquiry about a national charter for the U.S.V.L.S.C. was being looked into.
The letter was written on April 21, 1922.

This envelope was sent to August Held from Congressman John G. Dow.

This letter informed Ottinger, who wrote a letter on behalf of the U.S.V.L.S.C., that his letter was being researched by the general counsel of the Secretary of Defense for legal legitimacy.

This letter informed Kopper and Held that the Corps were ineligible for receiving Federal surplus property.
An attached letter from M. Richard Rose, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, explained why.
The letter is dated September 26, 1972.

This letter is in regards to the U.S.V.L.S.C. obtaining Federal surplus property from the Department of Defense.
The letter is dated September 12, 1972.

This letter is informing Held that his interest in purchasing surplus Federal property has been forwarded to the General Services Administration.
The letter is dated March 21, 1972.

This letter is in response to Held's about the U.S.V.L.S.C. being given surplus Federal property.
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