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This letter is a call to action for the U.S.V.L.S.C. to become better organized and make more rescue calls.
The letter is dated December 21, 1959.

This envelope was sent to August Held from Congressman John G. Dow.

This letter informed Kopper and Held that the Corps were ineligible for receiving Federal surplus property.
An attached letter from M. Richard Rose, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, explained why.
The letter is dated September 26, 1972.

This letter is in regards to the U.S.V.L.S.C. obtaining Federal surplus property from the Department of Defense.
The letter is dated September 12, 1972.

This letter is informing Held that his interest in purchasing surplus Federal property has been forwarded to the General Services Administration.
The letter is dated March 21, 1972.

This letter is in response to Held's about the U.S.V.L.S.C. being given surplus Federal property.

In his letter, Held questions Biaggi about parts of the 1874 Life-Saving Stations Act.
The letter is dated March 15, 1971.

"Our way of life is expressed in deeds similar to that displayed by August Held. Vigor, integrity and devotion to the maintaining and stabilizing of the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps despite obstacles has been his consistent…

Held's letter is about the history of the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps. He provided an explanation to the medals that he sent Paddington.
The letter is dated January 19, 1977.

In this letter, Held wrote about funding for the Yonkers branch of the U.S.V.LS.C. that eventually came from the Yonkers city council.
Davids and Held were in correspondence over Davids setting up branch of the Corps in Florida.
The letter is dated…
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