Histories of Change, Continuity, and Community: Yonkers

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Histories of Change, Continuity, and Community: Yonkers


Podcasts created by Sarah Lawrence College students about events in Yonkers history.


Yonkers Public Library


Camryn Sanchez
John Sheridan
Sarah Lawrence College
Zarachie Ledoux
Schuyler Ortwein-Cozzens
Sarah Almeida
Ella Lieberman
Jess Schreer
Elan Retzlaff
Molly Morton
Aliya Moudud


Yonkers Public Library





Items in the Histories of Change, Continuity, and Community: Yonkers Collection

This podcast episode was created by Camryn Sanchez.

It is about the Yonkers desegregation case and inequality in Southwest Yonkers.

Michael Sussman, a former NAACP lawyer, is interviewed and provides background to the desegregation case and…

This podcast episode was recorded by John Sheridan. John discusses allegations of corruption with Chuck Lesnick in the building of the Ridge Hill Shopping Center. He interviews his mother, Carrie Parkey, about working conditions at the shopping…

This podcast is a compilation of people's memories of the Cross County Shopping Center.

Eugene Howell talks about the history of the Yonkers Public Library bookmobiles and provides personal narratives about them. Soundbites from Grinton I. Will further describe them.

Joseph Kenner talks about the mission and philosophy of Greyston. Eve Marko explains Zen Buddhist teachings learned from the founder of Greyston, Bernie Glassman.

Cindy Lopez (Superintendent of CSEE) and Sobeida Cruz (a co-founder of CSEE) talk about the mission of the school. They describe its individualistic approach to learning and working with other organizations in Yonkers.

Rose Aviles and Bob Walters talk about a community effort to prevent a parking garage being built at the JFK Marina. They describe the essential need for people to be able to access the Hudson River.

Lucy Moreno-Casanova ( Project Coordinator at Greyston Community Gardens) and Victor Medina (Youth Program Manager at Groundwork Hudson Valley) talk about the efforts of the organizations that work at to combat climate change.

Sara Westbrook talks about the philosophy of the Greyston Bakery and how she hopes other businesses will follow their hiring model. Mary Robison describes programs at the Yonkers Public Library, including helping former incarcerated people adjust to…

Karl Bertrand, president of PD&D, talks about helping the homeless in Yonkers. Rose Aviles describes organizing projects between YPL and organizations in Yonkers.