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This photograph was taken in June of 1960.

This photograph was taken in 1962.

Grinton I. Will and Harold Hamill discuss the bookmobile routes with Mrs. Ropert Wolfolk (PTA council) and Dr. Lloyd Morrissett (Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education). The photograph was taken in 1938.

From left to right: Grinton I. WIll; Clifford C. Schinault, senior clerkdriver; Julia Ciruzzi, senior library clerk; Margaret Pitches, senior library clerk; Rita Goodfleisch, head of Extension Dept.1; Rita Murphy, junior clerk; Billys Walker, junior…

This bookmobile (Bookmobile #1) was active from June 1930 to September 1940.

This bookmobile was active between 1930-1940.

Diane McCrink Oral History Interview.mp3
Interview about Diane McCrink's experience on the bookmobile.

Blanche Costanza Oral History Interview.mp3
Blanche describes her experience working on the bookmobile.

The first Yonkers Public Library bookmobile was active between from 1930 to 1940.

Helen Ketcham was in charge of this bookmobile.
This photograph was taken in 1934.
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