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grinton i will-local history.mp3
Grinton describes the Sherwood House and the painting of murals in the Yonkers City Council building.

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Grinton and Clarissa talk about Untermyer Gardens and businesses that closed down in Yonkers.

grinton i interview-farms n.r.mp3
Grinton I. Will and Clarissa L. Will talk about a farm in Yonkers that went from Nepperhan Ave to Valley Ave.

grinton will-library history 1.mp3
Grinton I. Will talks about his career as a director of the Yonkers Public Library.

grinton i. will interview-yonkers carnegie library 2.mp3
Grinton I. Will and his wife Clarissa L. Will talk about the demolition of the Yonkers Carnegie Library.

This was held on November 13, 1968.

This photograph was taken in October in 1961.

Mr. Will is congratulating Miss Rita Goodfleisch, Head of the Extension Department, on the new Yonkers Public Library bookmobile at its first stop at School 22 and St.Anthony's School in Nepera Park.
The photograph is dated May 8, 1967.

In the crowd are Yonkers politicians John E. Flynn (holding the bottom right corner of the flag) and Mayor Angelo Martinelli (second to the right of John Flynn).

From left to right: Grinton I. Will; Mrs. J. David Jutkowitz, President of the Board of Trustees; George S. Tarbox, Museum President; Mayor James F.X. O'Rourke; Donald M. Halley, Museum Director.
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