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Mike Khader Interview.mp3
City Council President Mike Khader talked about how some of his family caught COVID-19 and how it took his brother three weeks to recover. He described working from home and interacting with his family at the same time. Mr. Khader stated his belief…

Cilin described how his job as an orthopedic physician assistant at Mount Sinai drastically changed when the COVID-19 pandemic began.Click here to watch the video of his interview.

Barbara O'Connell described being sick at home with an ill husband but unable to get tested for COVID-19. She talked about how her job as a real agent drastically changed as a result of the pandemic. Looking on the bright side, Barbara described how…

jeffrey gurian.mp3
Jeffrey Gurian, a comedian, comedy writer, author, radio personality and former dentist, talks about the harrowing experience of having COVID-19 and being in a crowded hospital filled with sick people. He describes how he used spiritual practices to…
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