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Thelma talks about growing up in Harlem and memories of bootleg whiskey being brewed in her bathtub. She describes racism she experienced in Yonkers and other parts of the country.

Katori talks about her artwork and art organizations in Yonkers…

Arthur talks about racism he experienced in high school. He describes why he converted to Islam and the importance of it to him. He tells stories about work he has done for My Brother's Keeper and describes his joy in serving the community.

Carol talks about the work that she does with children at the Family Services of Westchester and becoming involved in childhood education programs..

She describes advocating for black civil rights following the murder of George Floyd.

Dale describes growing up in Ossining. She also talks about becoming involved in the Black Power movement and the work she did as a Black Panther.

Dennis talks about his family's history and traces his roots back to the 1770s . He also describes his involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement and work he has done with the Historically Black College and University Intuitive (HBCU).

Evan describes his upbringing and how he became interested in art. He talks about how his mother allowed him to practice graffiti art in his bedroom. He describes art projects that he created with Katori Walker, such as 100 Words of Wisdom and Yes…

Joe Kenner talks about the path that led him to his current position as CEO of Greyston. He also describes work opportunities and career development provided by Greyston to African American and Hispanic communities in Yonkers.

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