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This a brochure of children's programs at all branches of the Yonkers Public Library in the Fall to the Winter of 1981.

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The correspondence is in regard to the Philipsburg Construction CO. attempting to get a drilling job from the Beaver Dam Marble CO.
11/25/1916; 11/26/1916; 12/5/1916; 12/6/1916

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Letters regarding Philipsburgh Construction Company's unsuccessful bid for doing drilling work for the foundation of a suspension bridge.

The Kent Cleaner Company Company sent a letter and advertisements to Arthur J. Van Suetendale about their latest products.
The letter is dated September 28, 1921.

This postcard is dated May 27, 1907.


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Stories of about the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps and some of their legends. No dates are provided.

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This a poem about the Battle of Iwo Jima written by Gerard Becker.

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Gerard Becker reading his short story The Empty Chair.

This is a copy of Becker's short story.
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