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In this letter, tenants of 409 Warbuton Avenue are vouching for the good standing of the Artlery family who were residents of this building. They were accursed of causing disturbances by a tenant.

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These properties were owned by Achille Octave and Arthur Van Suetendael.

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These properties were owned by Achille Octave and Arthur Van Suetendael.

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This form was submitted to the Department of Public Safety in Yonkers on February 14, 1914.
The building that had alterations done to it was located 67 Warburton Avenue.
Arthur J. Suetendael is listed as the architect supervising the construction.

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The architectural drawing was completed by Arthur J. Van Suetendael. The Masonic Temple was built at South Broadway and Guion Street in 1917.

A representative of B. Altman & CO. is asking for an interview with Mr. Van Suetendale regarding decorative services.
The is dated April 3, 1912.

This letter is in regards steel tape that was broken and never replaced.
The letter is dated May 27, 1912.

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This form was filled out by Arthur J. Van Suetendael on May 6, 1912.
On the back of the form is a listing of taxes paid to the City of Yonkers in 1912.

A letter and check for the estate of A.J. Johnson, represented by Merill & Rogers, from the Van Suetendaels. Mr. and Mrs. Van Suetendael paid $500 of the principal and $137.50 of interest of a $5,000 mortgage for property on 767 Warburton…

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The concert was held to benefit St. Joseph's Hospital.
It was held on December 2, 1912 at Philipsburgh Hall.
Arthur J. Van Suetendael was sent an invitation on November 7, 1912.
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