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The New York Central and Hudson River Railroad built this train station in 1911.

The first cornerstone of this library was laid on June 20, 1903. It opened to the public on July 8, 1904. The library closed on May 2, 1981.

Karl Bertrand, president of PD&D, talks about helping the homeless in Yonkers. Rose Aviles describes organizing projects between YPL and organizations in Yonkers.

Tackling Climate Justice in Yonkers.mp3
Lucy Moreno-Casanova ( Project Coordinator at Greyston Community Gardens) and Victor Medina (Youth Program Manager at Groundwork Hudson Valley) talk about the efforts of the organizations that work at to combat climate change.

CSEE Podcast- Sarah Almeida.mp3
Cindy Lopez (Superintendent of CSEE) and Sobeida Cruz (a co-founder of CSEE) talk about the mission of the school. They describe its individualistic approach to learning and working with other organizations in Yonkers.

Joseph Kenner talks about the mission and philosophy of Greyston. Eve Marko explains Zen Buddhist teachings learned from the founder of Greyston, Bernie Glassman.

Yonkers Remembers- Our Fallen Heroes-75th Anniversary.png
This was created to commemorate Yonkers residents killed on D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. *The correct spelling for John B. Clemens, JR. isJohn B. Clements, JR.



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