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The correspondence is in regard to the Philipsburg Construction CO. attempting to get a drilling job from the Beaver Dam Marble CO.
11/25/1916; 11/26/1916; 12/5/1916; 12/6/1916

The Kent Cleaner Company Company sent a letter and advertisements to Arthur J. Van Suetendale about their latest products.
The letter is dated September 28, 1921.

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These properties were owned by Achille Octave and Arthur Van Suetendael.

2020.046.028 (1)-merged.pdf
This form was submitted to the Department of Public Safety in Yonkers on February 14, 1914.
The building that had alterations done to it was located 67 Warburton Avenue.
Arthur J. Suetendael is listed as the architect supervising the construction.

2020.046.027 (1)-merged.pdf
The architectural drawing was completed by Arthur J. Van Suetendael. The Masonic Temple was built at South Broadway and Guion Street in 1917.

2020.046.012 (1)-merged.pdf
Correspondence regarding shipment of coping and reimbursement for freight bill.
4/19/1916; 4/21/1916; 4/29/1916; 5/1/1916; 5/19/1916; 5/22/1916 ;5/26/1916; 6/7/1916; 6/30/1916; 7/20/1916

2020.046.001 (cover)-merged.pdf
The report contains the balance of Arthur J. Van Suetendael's rent accounts in 1916.

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These letters are letters are in regards that repairs that needed to be made in Bennett's apartment.

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These properties were owned by Achille Octave and Arthur Van Suetendael.

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Arthur J. Van Suetendael was the president of the company. Achille Octave Van Suetendael was the vice-president.
The form is dated December 31, 1916.
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