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This photograph was taken in October in 1961.

Mr. Will is congratulating Miss Rita Goodfleisch, Head of the Extension Department, on the new Yonkers Public Library bookmobile at its first stop at School 22 and St.Anthony's School in Nepera Park.
The photograph is dated May 8, 1967.

In the crowd are Yonkers politicians John E. Flynn (holding the bottom right corner of the flag) and Mayor Angelo Martinelli (second to the right of John Flynn).

From left to right: Grinton I. Will; Mrs. J. David Jutkowitz, President of the Board of Trustees; George S. Tarbox, Museum President; Mayor James F.X. O'Rourke; Donald M. Halley, Museum Director.

From left to right: Tristram W. Metcalfe, trustee; Mrs. Herbert G. Noberg, trustee; Mrs. J. David Jutkowitz, President of the Board of Trustees; Mayor James F.X. O'Rourke; Councilman/Vice Mayor Frank A. Adamo; Grinton I. Will.
The dedication of the…

Eugene Howell Oral History interview.mp3
Eugene Howell talks about growing up in Yonkers and working at the Yonkers Public Library for 41 years.

Eugene is second from the right in the photograph.

From left to right: Sidney Moore (sitting), Grinton I. Will, Daneil Domb.
Domb and Moore performed together at a concert held on March 23, 1963 at the Grinton I Will Library (formerly known at the Grassy Sprain Branch).

From left to right: Grinton I. WIll; Clifford C. Schinault, senior clerkdriver; Julia Ciruzzi, senior library clerk; Margaret Pitches, senior library clerk; Rita Goodfleisch, head of Extension Dept.1; Rita Murphy, junior clerk; Billys Walker, junior…

The Display was created for National Library Week from April 17-April 23, 1966.
From left to right: Grinton I. Will; Lucy P. Winslow, Head of Circulation; Phyllis Clark, Head of Fine Arts Dept.; Patricia Beard, Head of Children's Dept.; Joan Welch…

From left to right: Lieutenant Governor Malcolm Wilson, Yonkers Library Trustee Arnold Klein, and Grinton I. Will.
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