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From left to right: Ray L. Trautman, Mayor Kristen Kristensen, Unidentified, Grinton I. Will.
The photograph was taken October 3, 1954.

The Yonkers Public Library Board of Trustees. Top row (L-R): Arnold Klein, Unidentified, Grinton I. Will, Tristam W. Metcalfe, Unidentified.
People on the bottom row are unidentified.

Eugene Howell Oral History interview.mp3
Eugene Howell talks about growing up in Yonkers and working at the Yonkers Public Library for 41 years.

Eugene is second from the right in the photograph.

grinton i interview-farms n.r.mp3
Grinton I. Will and Clarissa L. Will talk about a farm in Yonkers that went from Nepperhan Ave to Valley Ave.

In the crowd are Yonkers politicians John E. Flynn (holding the bottom right corner of the flag) and Mayor Angelo Martinelli (second to the right of John Flynn).

This photograph was taken on April 15, 1973 at a renaming ceremony for the Grassy Sprain Library. On this day, the Grassy Library was renamed the Grinton I. Will Library. Grinton I. Will retired on April 30, 1973.
From left to right: Judge Anthony…

Grinton I. Will speaking at a meeting in 1959.

This photograph was taken in October in 1961.

This was held on November 13, 1968.

This photograph was taken on April 15, 1973. On this day, the Grassy Sprain Library was officially renamed the Grinton I. Will Library.
From left to right: Matthew A. Walker; Mrs. William H. Bellamy; Grinton I. Will; Mrs. David J. Jutkowitz; Robert…
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