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This resolution is an acknowledgement of the heroic effort by the USVLSC of saving the Bennett family who sinking on a boat in the Hudson River. The resolution was crafted by Councilman Moczydlowski. It was signed by Mayor Kristen Kristensen. …

From left to right: Grinton I. Will, Dr. Oliver Lilley, Mrs. J. Robert Marshall. Mayor Kristensen is speaking.

From left to right: Grinton I. Will, Dr. Oliver L. Lilley, Mrs.J Robert Marshall, Mayor Kristen Kristensen, and Marie C. Bahiak (Staff Associate President)

Standing (from left to right): Dr. George Minervini (library trustee) Grinton I. Will, Mrs. David W. Stallard (library trustee), Arnold Klein (library trustee)
Bottom (left to right): Mrs.Marie C. Bahiak, Mayor Kristensen, Dr.Oliver Lilley, Mrs.…

Mayor Kristensen is siitting on the chair facing the camera (third chair from the left).
The photograph was taken April 21, 1963.

Mayor Kristensen is the third person from the left.
The photograph was taken April 21, 1963.

From left to right: Ray L. Trautman, Mayor Kristen Kristensen, Unidentified, Grinton I. Will.
The photograph was taken October 3, 1954.

From left to right: Grinton I. Will, Mrs.David W. Stallard, Dr. Oliver Libbey, Mrs. J. Robert Marshall, Mayor Kristensen, Mrs. Marie C. Bahiak, Dr. George Minervini

The date this photograph was taken is unknown.
Mayor Kristensen is the gentleman in the center of the photograph with a suit and white hair. Other people in this photo are unidentified.

Mayor Kristen Kristensen is on the top row (third person the right).
Senator John Flynn is on the bottom row (second from the right).
The rest of the people in this photograph are unidentified.
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