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This photograph of Melvin Goldstein was taken at a driving range in Baguio, a city in the Philippines.

This a photograph of Melvin touring the battlefield at Corregidor.

This photograph was provided by Melvin Goldstein.

This is a photograph of Melvin Goldstein sitting on a water buffalo at Tagaytay Ridge in the Philippines.

Melvin Goldstein lived and worked here while he was in the Philippines in 1946.

This merchant marine was photographed upon request by Melvin Goldstein.

melvin goldstein.mp3
Melvin describes his experiences as a medic in the Philippines and careers that he had as a chemical engineer.

Please note that there was an error stated in the dates Melvin served in the Army. He served in the Army from February 1946 to Juneā€¦

Melvin took this boat to get to Corregidor
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