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Calculations, drawings, and charts created by Andy Hudak in relation to calendar reform.


This page contains Andy's latest calculations in regards to calendar reform.


Armando "Chick" Galella (left) and Reverend James Blakely (right) were at the USS Intrepid for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day on December 7, 2018.

Chick Galella enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1940 and was assigned to the 53rd Signal Corps. He was at Hickham Air Force Base in Pearl Harbor when it was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941.

Arthur talks about racism he experienced in high school. He describes why he converted to Islam and the importance of it to him. He tells stories about work he has done for My Brother's Keeper and describes his joy in serving the community.

In this letter, Held wrote about funding for the Yonkers branch of the U.S.V.LS.C. that eventually came from the Yonkers city council.
Davids and Held were in correspondence over Davids setting up branch of the Corps in Florida.
The letter is dated…

Held's letter is about the history of the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps. He provided an explanation to the medals that he sent Paddington.
The letter is dated January 19, 1977.

In his letter, Held questions Biaggi about parts of the 1874 Life-Saving Stations Act.
The letter is dated March 15, 1971.

This letter is a call to action for the U.S.V.L.S.C. to become better organized and make more rescue calls.
The letter is dated December 21, 1959.

darius baba part 1.mp3
Darius and Barbara talked about their families' history and persecution they faced during the Assyrian Genocide. Darius also talked about being fluent in Aramaic.
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