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Freedomland U.S.A.


This collection contains oral history interviews with author Michael R. Virgintino, author of Freedomland U.S.A.: The Definitive History, about the…

Grinton I. Will Interviews

Grinton I. Will and his wife Clarissa L. Will discuss the Yonkers Public Library and Yonkers history.

Andy Hudak Calendar Reform Collection


An oral history interview along with various materials relating to calendar reform.

Hudson River Museum Branch


Materials relating to the Hudson River Museum branch of the Yonkers Public Library.

Getty Square Branch


Materials relating to the Getty Square Branch of the Yonkers Public Library.

Coyne Park Branch


Materials relating to the Coyne Park Branch of the Yonkers Public Library.

Yonkers Voices

Collection of oral history interviews of people who grew up and live in Yonkers.

Contributors: Hudson River Museum

Crestwood Library


Photographs of the Crestwood Library.

Interviews with Authors

Interviews with authors who wrote about Yonkers or did research in Yonkers to complete their books/graphic novels.

Children's Department Halloween Celebrations


Photographs of Halloween parties hosted by the Children's Department.