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Nancy Lee Interview.mp3
Nancy described growing up in Yonkers with a large Assyrian family and being involved with the Assyrian American community in Yonkers. She talked about her family's history and a memorable moment her grandmother's family had with the Czar of Russia.…


Kathy Yacoe Skura.mp3
Kathy talked about the influence of Assyrian culture on her art work and letters from her grandfather about the Assyrian Genocide.

David talked about the ingenuity of the ancient Assyrians and the closeness of the Assyrian community in Yonkers. He recalled stories of family members during the Assyrian Genocide.

john muldoon.mp3
John talked about the Assyrian American community in Yonkers and recalled amusing stories from some of his family members.

darius baba part 1.mp3
Darius and Barbara talked about their families' history and persecution they faced during the Assyrian Genocide. Darius also talked about being fluent in Aramaic.

Vivian Sava.mp3
Vivian described her Assyrian family growing up in Yonkers. She talked about Assyrian culture and art that she enjoys. Vivian told stories about her family's experiences during the Assyrian Genocide.

kenneth kambar.mp3
Kenneth talked about his family's history and amusing tales of swimming in the Hudson River.

george porhat 1.mp3
George provided amusing tales about his childhood in Yonkers and experiences in the Army. He also talked about his family's history.

Scott Christian Sava.mp3
Scott Christian Sava, an artist, author, and film director, talked about his Assyrian roots in Yonkers. He described Assyrian art work and it's influence on him. Scott also talked about the making of  Animal Crackers, which has recently been added…

John Ameer edited.mp3
John Ameer, author of the book Assyrians in Yonkers: Reminiscences of a Community, talked about the closeness of the Assyrian community in Yonkers and the history of the Assyrian people.The video of John Ameer's interview is on the Yonkers Public…


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