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The letter addresses Mr. Hudak's research in calendar reform.


The Yonkers city council wrote a resolution for James J. MacIntyre, a member of the U.S.V.L.S.C., for saving someone who fell into the Hudson River and rescuing two other people.
The resolution was written on August 6, 1969.

The city council of Yonkers passed a resolution praising the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps for saving the Bennett family on August 11, 1960.

Dale describes growing up in Ossining. She also talks about becoming involved in the Black Power movement and the work she did as a Black Panther.

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David described growing up in Yonkers and learning Assyrian customs from his family. He also talked about Assyrian cuisine and culture that he enjoys. He provided a brief history of his family and struggles that they endured.

David talked about the ingenuity of the ancient Assyrians and the closeness of the Assyrian community in Yonkers. He recalled stories of hardship his family experienced during the Assyrian Genocide.

Dennis talks about his family's history and traces his roots back to the 1770s . He also describes his involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement and work he has done with the Historically Black College and University Intuitive (HBCU).

Certificate of Appreciation written from Defense Department Secretary Chuck Hagel to Liborio Giordano.


Karl Bertrand, president of PD&D, talks about helping the homeless in Yonkers. Rose Aviles describes organizing projects between YPL and organizations in Yonkers.
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