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The Grinton I. Will Library (originally know as the Grassy Sprain Library) opened in November of 1962.
Mayor John E. Flynn is holding the scissors. Grinton I. Will is to his right.

Mayor Flynn is the third person on the bottom row kneeling. Frank Kendrick is to his right.

This photo is of a "Yonkers Week" celebration featuring 1010 Winds broadcaster Stan Z. Burns . The party was held on April 21, 1963.
From left to right: Unidentified, Grinton I. Will, Unidentified, Stan Z. Burns, Mayor John Flynn, Unknown, Tristram…

The photograph was taken April 21, 1963.

Future Mayor/Senator John E. Flynn is fourth from the left.
The event was held on October 3, 1954.

In the crowd are Yonkers politicians John E. Flynn (holding the bottom right corner of the flag) and Mayor Angelo Martinelli (second to the right of John Flynn).

Mayor Kristen Kristensen is on the top row (third person the right).
Senator John Flynn is on the bottom row (second from the right).
The rest of the people in this photograph are unidentified.

This photograph was taken during National Library Week on April 16, 1967.
From left to right: Dr. George Minervini, President of the Board of Trustees; Mrs. Jean Hermes, library staff; Senator John E. Flynn; Mrs. Lorraine Redding, library staff.
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