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This letter was written by Mary Van Suetendael, wife of Arthur Van Suetendael. It is in regards to an apartment vacancy at 316 Woodworth Avenue in Yonkers. Mary and her husband Arthur were landlords of this property.

In this letter, tenants of 409 Warbuton Avenue are vouching for the good standing of the Artlery family who were residents of this building. They were accursed of causing disturbances by a tenant.

Mary Van Suetendael is offering R.R. Best the option of buying the Van Suetendael's property at 767 Warburton Avenue.

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These letters are letters are in regards that repairs that needed to be made in Bennett's apartment.

This letter is in regards to Roy Bird's mother not vacating her apartment at 10 Overlook Terrace.

This letter was sent as a warning for Mrs. Brown to pay her rent or she would be evicted.

This letter is in regards to damages in Cranston's residence and repairs being arranged.

This letter is notify Mr. Clulow that he missed a rent payment.
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