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From left to right: Unidentified, Ray L. Trautman, Unidentified, Grinton I. Will.
This photograph was taken in July of 1960.

Ray L. Trautman was Chief of Army Library Service during World War Two. He earned the Legion of Merit award for his service which included helping to design a lightweight paperback that United States service members carried with them even in combat.…

From left to right: Grinton I. Will, Ray L. Trautman, Anthony J. Cerrato, Unidentified.
The photograph was taken October 3, 1954.

From left to right: Ray L. Trautman, Mayor Kristen Kristensen, Unidentified, Grinton I. Will.
The photograph was taken October 3, 1954.

Boy and girl scouts around Ray L. Trautman as he reads the oath. Mr. Trautman is the third from the right.
The photograph was taken October 3, 1954.
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