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This letter is in regards to the dumping of tar or grease into the Hudson River by Habrishaw Wire & Cable Co.

The letter is dated March 11, 1963.

The letter is in regards to a request made for surplus materials made by August Held, president of the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps at the time.

The letter is dated October 11, 1967.

Michael Sabatino and Robert Voorheis talk about their fight for marriage equality and adversity that they overcame. For more information about them, visit The Westchester LGBTQ+ History Project website.

Alex Simmons Oral History Interview.mp3
Mr. Simmons describes doing research at the Grinton I. Will Library that helped create his comic series Blackjack.

Daisy Armas - Mother, Family History Project.mp3
These are interviews with Alexandra's mother Daisy Armas and her grandmother Theresa Salvador.

Alice Aziz David (1)-merged.pdf
Alice describes how her parents escaped the Assyrian Genocide, which was committed by the Turks. She also describes how they immigrated to the United States and assimilated into American culture. Additionally, Alice wrote about Assyrian cuisine and…

alice aziz david.mp3
Alice talked about growing up in Yonkers and learning the Assyrian language. She also talks her family's history and how members of it escaped the Assyrian Genocide. She described how meaningful Assyrian Flag Day in Yonkers is to her. The video of…

_Yonkers Government Aid Programs- An Investigation of Their Effects on Mothers of Color - 6_7_21, 12.04 PM.mp3
Athena Dent and Carol Robinson discuss discrimination in government aid programs for women of color. They advocate for reforms that will assist them with various needs.

andy hudak.mp3
Andy describes his research in calendar reform.


2018.022.001 (FRONT).jpg
The math and descriptions correspond to the interview conducted with Andy Hudak.


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