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A collection of letters, photographs, and historical information related to the eighty-fifth anniversary of the St. Nicholas of Myra Church. The eighty-fifth anniversary celebration was held on December 4, 1977.

Thelma talks about growing up in Harlem and memories of bootleg whiskey being brewed in her bathtub. She describes racism she experienced in Yonkers and other parts of the country.

Katori talks about her artwork and art organizations in Yonkers…

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Alex talks being a B-17 bomber pilot with the 381st Bomb Group. When Alex says "ship", he is referring to an aircraft.

The letter is about the sharing of information and history between members of the U.S.V.L.S.C. and Royal Life Saving Society Canada.
The letter is dated June 4, 1975.

The letter is in regards to the Corps participation in the Centennial Regatta held on June 11, 1972.

The date of the letter is June 15, 1972.

Lillian wrote a letter addressed to Captain Frank Kendrick, Lt. Harvey Quackenbush, and Arthur Williams (members of the U.S.V.L.S.C.) for rescuing her son Howard.
The letter was sent on August 9, 1969.

This letter is in regards to the U.S.V.L.S.C. obtaining Federal surplus property from the Department of Defense.
The letter is dated September 12, 1972.

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Detailed report of the activities of the U.S.V.L.S.C. in 1965.

The report is 16 pages.

This letter is in regards to the dumping of tar or grease into the Hudson River by Habrishaw Wire & Cable Co.

The letter is dated March 11, 1963.

The letter is in regards to a request made for surplus materials made by August Held, president of the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps at the time.

The letter is dated October 11, 1967.
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