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Michael Sabatino and Robert Voorheis talk about their fight for marriage equality and adversity that they overcame. For more information about them, visit The Westchester LGBTQ+ History Project website.

YPL Podcast Episode 1 - The Carnegie Library 3 (1).mp3
This podcast series is about the history of the Carnegie Library and the lunettes that decorated its interior.

Elusive Answers.pdf
Jim Tritten provides a written history of his family members that came from Bodrog Szentes, Hungary. He chronicles their journey to the United States and how they assimilated into Yonkers. Tritten describes going back to the village his ancestors…

Lowerre is located within the City of Yonkers.



Three unidentified soldiers. Frank Sullo is the fourth on the right.

The design of the report received a "honorable mention" for the American Library Association (ALA) and was on display at the ALA conference.
These are two pages from the report.

This postcard is dated September 25, 1906.


John Sherman Merritt (8).jpg
John Sherman Merritt is Dennis Richmond's great grandfather.
He lived from 1889-1921.
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