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The photograph was taken April 21, 1963.

Mayor Kristensen is siitting on the chair facing the camera (third chair from the left).
The photograph was taken April 21, 1963.

From left to right: Tristram Metcalfe, Unidentified, Stan Z. Burns, Unidentified, Grinton I. WIll.
The photograph was taken April 21, 1963.

This photo is of a "Yonkers Week" celebration featuring 1010 Winds broadcaster Stan Z. Burns . The party was held on April 21, 1963.
From left to right: Unidentified, Grinton I. Will, Unidentified, Stan Z. Burns, Mayor John Flynn, Unknown, Tristram…




The New York Central and Hudson River Railroad built this train station in 1911.

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The concert was held to benefit St. Joseph's Hospital.
It was held on December 2, 1912 at Philipsburgh Hall.
Arthur J. Van Suetendael was sent an invitation on November 7, 1912.

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This is a postcard of the Yonkers Soldiers Monument which honors residents of Yonkers who fought in the American Civil War.
This postcard is dated August 4th, 1910.

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